Wednesday, March 9, 2011

always in my mind...

It has been quite long time i did not update my blog. Yes, I miss to start it again. There are so many things I want to share and tell. There are so many things that have changed and I admit that I miss those all times. Can I get back that time? Let's the pictures tell about it...

Monday, February 22, 2010


as u guys can see,my cat which is the black and white has already dead.
his name is Prince.
i'm so sad about the news that my sister told me.
that time i'm speachless and i dont know what to say.
the doctor said he got yellow fever because he seldom eat before this.
and it also something wrong with his liver.
he died after my mom took him at the clinic.
he dont want to go out from the box where he stay inside it with his face outside of the box.
my sister told me before he died there was some sound from his mouth and i can imagine how was it.
i hope after this all my cats will always healthy and i hope Prince will rest in peace.
i will always miss my Prince.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


i'm sure all my cats are missing me...(perasan rtye?)

Monday, February 8, 2010

girlfriends.i love u.fullstop.

back. mlm nie xtau nape tiba-tiba i miss my girlfriends so much. they always be with me when i need them. they understand me and that's the main reason why i love them so much! syieta, aimi & tqot. u guys are very super duper lovable & caring friends. i love u guys so much. i miss all the moments with u guys. thanx for everything. bila dh abis diz final sem i will miss u guys so damn much! we should hangout one day and have some super duper fun together! once again, i love u guys so much!



dah lama x update blog nie. there's so many things nak kena settle kan. tiba-tiba arini rasa nk update blog nie yg sekian lama xdisentuh dan sudah nmpk dgn ketara sarang labah-labah. hehe. ok. let's talk about apa-apa jela kan. erm,my life nowdays ok je. dh x bz mcm dulu. i'm free all the time. eh. eh. xdela all the time. tp free la gak. huh? apa yg ingin disampaikan? entah! haha. last week bz dgn research for final project and alhamdulillah semua dh settle and berjalan dgn lancar. i have so much fun with my group. best! i'm gonna miss all those sweet & sour moments. sem ni my last sem dkt segamat. xsaba nk abis tp mcm syg nk tinggalkan segamat yg byk tinggalkan mcm-mcm kenangan dgn my frens. SYIETA. AIMI. TQOT. I LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH! serious rindu nk gelak-gelak mcm dulu. stay up sama-sama. tido sama-sama. tp yg penting romeo inn telah lakar kenangan manis antara kau dan aku. hahaha. tempat favourite syieta. sem ni mmg agak bz dgn assignments memanjang. sem ni mcm-mcm kenangan dgn my friends and muizz. buat suprise dekat muizz. tp pelakon utama terlebih excited sampai cake xkuar-kuar time muizz sampai. yg kelakar sampai-sampai, aimi and syieta tiba-tiba nyanyi happy birthday kat muizz even cake xde lagi. hahahahahaha. korang memang lawak. wutever it is, alhamdulillah my plan jd. YEAY!! syg kamoo semua!! and.and dat moment x stop mcm tue je. the following week lak, muizz dtg segamat. but his plan xmenjd because of mirul the spoiler. haha. actually mirul xtau bout the suprise and he told me bout muizz. hehe. tp xpe. yg penting ketemu sama muizz and spend time dgn rakan-rakan yg lain. thanx u guys!! erm, boleh x nk stop kat sini dulu? pening lak. later-later kite sambung k. muah! muah!

p/s: i love my boyfie a.k.a raizzoe!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


thanx for the flowers and the "recipe"....
i love u more u ever know...
ure so sweet like SUGAR!!


Friday, November 13, 2009

To Them

You guys,i'm gonna miss you guys so damn much especially them who is not longer at segamat anymore.


deeply from my heart
i miss u guys.
there's so many memories that i won't forget.