Monday, May 18, 2009


The rules are:1. Choose at least five pictures which taken when you was a little boy/girl.

2. Describe the pictures.

part 2 kot?me with ayip when we're bored in the class.

after spm hangout at klcc with my sis and my other frens..huhu

confirm part 1 with miss aimi at dst...*click click*

with hakim...hahaha...either part 1 or part 2...

with my reunion...17 years old..lalalalala

can u guys who read my blog do this thing?

dalam kepala.

what's wrong?
itulah persoalan yg bermain dlam kepala sekarang..
nape tiba2 diam?
nape benda tue jd lagi?

serik la...
at least say sumthing and i will understand...
bknnya trus diam mcm tue...
u said dat ure matured enough ryte?
ntahla...susah nk paham...
idk what u want actually...
i thought ure different but...
btw,glad to know u..
c u soon...
owh,maybe i shouldn't say c u soon..


Friday, May 15, 2009


Tomorrow is a mystery.
But do we really know a great deal more about the past?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

pasal dia.

diz is syitah.
nk cite pasal dier arini.
i knew her since i was in part 1.
duduk 1 wing.
she is very funny person.(sungguh!)
she always there for me when i need her.
sem ini dpt blik dpn blik dier.
blik dier selalu menjadi persinggahan saya dan tiqot if kteorg boring.
ade je cerita nk diborakkan.
she is a secret investigator.(hahaha)
kalo nk stay up dierla yg akan menjadi peneman setia.(two thumbs up!)
we laugh together,we cry together.
we share a lot of things together.
syg dier sgt2!
thanx coz such a wonderful fren to me.

bunnie:friendship never ends.

saya tak takut tinggi.^_^

kak farah cyg, eza cyg, eton cyg & bunnie cyg...hehe

kak farah cyg, eton cyg & bunnie cyg...

me with mr.azri...


the time we went out togeher and not to think about mpp for a while.
we have a lot of fun.
watch movie.
playing games.
10 bucks for menara taming sari (lalalala).
went to the beach.
miss those moments.
thanx guys!

bunnie:i'm happy to have u guys in my life.

my jantung pisangku.

diz is my boyfriend...
his name is bobo...